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eight seconds to capture audiences online

What's in a name? eightseconds was founded on research insights that website visitors have about an eight second attention span before they bail on your website. Customers get the confidence to make decisions about your business within eight seconds of visiting your website! When clients hear our name and story, they reasonably wonder if it’s just hype. Do those first eight seconds of a potential customers website visit really make a difference? Fortunately the answer is yes, and we have real eight seconds client stories to back it up.

Internet research companies have compiled years of insights around online behaviors of website visitors. Often a website visitors decision whether to explore deeper into your website is decided very quickly. It really is no surprise. The Internet and other media have thrust upon us more marketing messages, choices and global access than any generation previous, so our skills at quickly filtering out irrelevant, or untrustworthy options have sharpened. In those first eight seconds, website visitors evaluate how much confidence and trust they have in your brand, and the ability to find the information/product/service they are seeking. Beyond those impressions, other audience retention factors include how long your website takes to load, how useable, organized and intuitive your website is, and whether the content is relevant, engaging and speaks to their specific needs.

Well back to our clients and some real metrics. Vena – The Varicose Vein Institute told us about one of their new clients, who after just a few seconds of watching a patient testimonial on their new website, picked up the phone and called them to become a patient. Eye Candy Eyewear in Delafield has had similar experiences, attracting people from around the globe that visit their boutique designer eyewear website, and promptly call to place an order.

If there was a secret sauce to this success, we think it comes down to how we approach our website projects. Our focus is always to gain a 360 perspective on our clients; understanding their audience, how they are searching online for similar products or services they offer, understanding competitors, and of course a keen understanding of their business drivers and goals. We then leverage those insights to design engaging and highly usable websites that essentially make it easy for customers to start a relationship with our clients, and maximize those first eight seconds when they find you. We also leverage these insights to develop just the right marketing and promotion tactics to help our clients create buzz and awareness for their business, both online and offline, targeting their highest valued audiences to help generate new business leads.

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