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apr 7, 2010

ipadWhile Apple's iPad has many trembling with excitement, some business owners should be shaking in their boots.

Kari-Lynn O’Neil — Partner and Strategist, eightseconds

While it's a godsend for those prepared for it, the disconnect of a consumer reading a national magazine spread, sliding the article aside and Googling a local business, only to find a poorly done website is going bode poorly on the ill prepared business.

Based on the traffic boost from mobile devices we've seen in the Milwaukee area since November 2009, we predict the iPad is going to push web traffic for some area businesses through the roof. The ability to read a magazine in such a rich format, search for the product of interest locally, then immediately leave Starbucks (or the bench at the mall) to purchase the item you’re excited about has never been possible. Game changer? You bet it is. Consider also, that this particular transaction example didn't require any advertising. The magazine did all the work for you.

However, as we've been coaching our clients for several years, a good website is a game changer, too. Take the previous example. While reading the article in a special interest magazine, he or she is already half sold on any featured product or service.  There's a reason why these magazines are successful, the language and imagery is sublime.  Now, provided your website is properly optimized and they land on your website, is the fantasy of owning that product gone? If you answer yes, you need a new website. Your competition isn't halfway across town anymore, and your "years in business" and reputation mean nothing when your site doesn't make them feel confident you can deliver.

Creating national brand imaging for our clients isn't a fluke. We've seen this coming since the technological revolution began. Combining Fortune 500 experience with strategy is a big part of our service because if you're not a step ahead, you're miserably behind.

Working with a strategist to position your company within the competitive landscape is critical to the success of your company. A website is not a glorified yellow page ad anymore. Our websites allow us to utilize the internet to create plans, understand your audience and foresee new opportunities. The ipad is yet another variable in what I like to refer to as "economic Darwinism". It's a cool device, but unfortunately, it's also going to put many companies out of business. 

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