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The Power of Pinterest : Part II

Pinterest manages the search to purchase gap. As I see it, one of the primary complications with online behavior as it relates to consumer buying behavior is there is little or no control over managing the consumer process between the moment of desire and the point of purchase. There are messages from the brand, from competing purchase locations, and competing brands from the moment a consumer learns a product may launch, all the way through when a person may finally buy. It is nearly impossible to maintain control over that person to achieve high conversion and reasonable ROI..… Read Full Article

The Power of Pinterest

If Pinterest isn't on your radar, you may want to bump elbows with your neighbor. With 3.5 million active monthly users on Facebook since it's launch in March 2010, and valued at around $200 million this may be one of the fastest, most addictive, social platforms to hit the web.… Read Full Article

Customer Retention in the New Millennium; Part 1

The first in a two-part series on Customer Retention, using tools in the New Millennium. First We'll take a look at 4 key areas you should assess your company with, to get a feel for where you measure up. The second will help you create, then apply the 4 steps to implementing a successful CRM program for your business.… Read Full Article

Top 10 Do's and Don'ts for Social Media Success

Everyone is doing it, but not everyone is doing it well. One thing is for sure, there is lots of confusion on how to use social media marketing and why. Should social media marketing be incorporated in a business plan or is it a big waste of time? The answer is yes and no. It is a waste of time if you use it wrong; but in the right hands it’s a marketers dream come true. It can boost the ROI of traditional media through the roof, provide a wealth of knowledge about your target audience, and is a great way to capture hard earned leads and funnel them into a program until they are ready to buy. Something traditional media alone cannot do. Here’s 10 do’s and don’ts to get you started on the path to using social media successfully.… Read Full Article

Increasing Web Traffic Through Social Media: Spiders and Bots and Eyes, Oh My!

For the average business owner, Marketing isn't why they went into business. Start throwing out web optimization terms like black hat, white hat, spiders and bots and you have their head spinning like a tornado in the land of Oz. Technology changes so rapidly that as soon as they understand what you're talking about, your off spouting all new terms! Well, get ready for a head spin and another trip down the yellow brick road… Read Full Article

Creating Social Media Marketing that Works.

Our personal experience with social media marketing is not only does it work on its own, it also boosts the ROI on traditional media. And it's not just the big brands. One of our clients, a single location retail boutique, reached 1700% ROI by leveraging our tactics of integrating social media with traditional marketing media... Read Full Article

While the iPad has many trembling with excitement, some business owners should be shaking in their boots.

While it's a godsend for those prepared for it, the disconnect of a consumer reading a national magazine spread, sliding the article aside and googling a local business, only to find a poorly done website is going bode poorly on the ill prepared. Read Full Article

April 3rd officially declared “iDay”

The doorbell rang at about 10:30 Saturday morning and everyone ran down the stairs like it was Christmas morning. April 3rd, 2010. iPad day had arrived. We purchased this wifi version of the iPad for my in-laws. My father-in-law has some vision problems and the ability to adjust the screen size and type fonts for reading books and browsing the Internet was one of the reasons we thought he’d like one.

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eight seconds to capture audiences online

When clients hear our name and story, they reasonably wonder if it’s just hype. Do those first eight seconds of a potential customers website visit really make a difference? Fortunately the answer is yes, and we have real client stories to back it up. Read Full Article

Recession Marketing Tactics:
If You Want To Survive The Recession, Throw Out Your Marketing Training Manual

In the past year, I have met with many clients who "know their customer" via corporate training and marketing manuals, but have no idea how those customers behave today, especially online. Please, throw those manuals away. You'll make more money. Let me explain: In your "Marketing Manual" you most likely were trained to understand your "target." At the time of printing the information contained in them may have been accurate. But times have changed dramatically. Read Full Article

Design Solves Problems

One of the criticisms of commercial designers is that they can be too focused on art rather that the goals and needs of their clients. As a professional designers and marketers, some people are surprised that we don't consider design "art". For most companies, design is (or should be) a tool for solving business problems - such as redesigning a product to improve profitability, effectiveness, or competitive advantage. Similarly we use design in brand and marketing to address problems with brand perception, marketing effectiveness, audience relevance, improving conversion, or being more competitive. Read Full Article

Mass-Marketing and the Individualist

Consumers often define themselves by the things they purchase. What they drive, how they decorate their living and work spaces, the clothes and accessories they wear, the foods and beverages they consume, and the tools or toys that they have. For years brands have mass-marketed their brand stories to drive purchases and brand affinity. But some consumers actively resist such conformity, seeking products and brands that let them express their uniqueness. Is there a way we bring these revolutionaries back into favor with traditional brands? Read Full Article

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