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MAR 1, 2009

eightseconds Responds to Response Systems 911 Marketing Call

Milwaukee WI - Friday, March 1, 2009 - It wasn’t quite in eight seconds flat, but the award winning Milwaukee Agency eightseconds, responded to Response System’s emergency call for a new website in time for their presentation at the Third National Emergency Summit in Washington, DC on March 5th.

Response Systems selected eightseconds to completely revamp their website on February 13th. “Response System’s current site didn’t reflect a well recognized Emergency Preparedness organization invited to speak at a National Summit. They needed a makeover and fast,” states Kari-Lynn O’Neil, Strategist at eightseconds.

Summit presentations aside, Response Systems situation is not unique. Many companies are realizing their website is out of date, void of new technology and poorly represents their current business model. The profile of American business has changed drastically. Fluctuations in the economy has forced companies to evolve to increase profits and fill voids in their competitive marketplace. Many have forgotten to update their websites to reflect those changes.

Corporations are slashing marketing budgets and positions. This short-sighted strategy can have devastating effects. "Advertising as an anti-recession tool. A company courageous enough to stay in the fight when everyone else is playing safe can bring about a dramatic change in market position,” according to the Harvard Business Review.

“This is a common mistake desperate companies make. Both big players like MCI and ‘Mom and Pop’ shops continue to follow the lemmings off the cliff. It’s economic Darwinism.” explains O’Neil. She continues, “A bad website just speeds up the process. But with industry winners, a light goes off. They realize no matter how hard they work at increasing revenue, if a potential client lands on their site they’ll loose the lead.”

“I can’t imagine the clients we’ve lost,”claims Todd Grainger, President of Response Systems. O’Neil met with Grainger a few times in the thirteen days they had to build the site. eightseconds also created their new logo in order to achieve strong and confident branding. Grainger explained further, “ Kari-Lynn took ownership of our content. She was like my own Marketing executive. They got a quick handle on our business which allowed them to use their skills to our best advantage.” Response Systems is already reaping the benefits of eightseconds signature mass marketing strategy which combines site optimization, virtual PR and other secret elements only their clients know.

The new Response Systems website was launched on February 26th and can be found at www.disasterpreparation.net. Already data is piling in. “Their work increased our traffic from day one,” claims Grainger. The new site has doubled average unique visits per day, increased the length of stay from four to seven minutes and increased the average page depth from two to five. Grainger continues, “eightseconds did everything they said they would and more.”
Since opening in June, eightseconds has racked up three National and International awards for their work. They are currently featured in the HOW 2009 Annual International Design Annual magazine on newsstands now.

About the agency: The name eightseconds was inspired by research of online behavior. The firm’s philosophy is to use up to date research, a sociological understanding of the market and the psychological make up of a specific set of customers to deliver elegant, highly targeted solutions for each of their clients. For more information, visit: www.eight-seconds.com

About Response Systems: Response Systems utilizes a Physician Led business model to consult and train health care organizations and communities on disaster response. They lead Emergency Management and Preparedness within Hospitals, Public Health and Homeland Security settings. Response Systems programs and classes include targeted training for all professional levels and lead specialized scenario based workshops, exercises and plans such as Active Shooters and Pediatric Disaster Life Support. More information can be found on www.disasterpreparation.net

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