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Feb 27, 2009

website design awardeightseconds wins HOW Magazine Interactive Award for Eye Candy Eyewear web site design

The strategy needed to propel Eye Candy’s brand in its first year, made it clear that her website needed to be more than a pretty site. It had to engage potential customers and draw them in. The teamwork is paying off, winning three website awards since September. A “Standard Of Excellence in Retail” award from the prestigious Web Marketing Association (WMA), competing with national brands throughout the United States.

The second award came within weeks to announce a Silver award from W3. The W3 Awards are judged by the International Academy of the Visual Arts, consisting of top-tier professionals from a "Who's Who" of acclaimed media, advertising, and marketing firms.

Today, eightseconds was notified that Eye Candy’s website won a merit award from the 10th annual HOW Magazine Design Competition. Eye Candy’s website was selected from over 900 entries across the country. 2006 Merit Award Winners for Consumer Websites were awarded to Nike, Tazo Tea, Pontiac and Kitchen Aid, among others.

eightseconds is an agency newcomer in Milwaukee, but the combined resume of its partners is a culmination of nearly four decades of award winning work. “We base our client’s marketing needs on research and strategy. We look at the whole picture. In a downturn market, reaching your best clients not only helps your business, it helps overworked, busy customers know where they will find what they are looking for,” states Kari-Lynn O’Neil, Partner and Strategist for eightseconds.

Gone are the days of “yellow-page listing” websites. Consumers are highly exposed to national quality marketing, especially on the web. A company’s website has now become the “Front Door” of a company, and if your website doesn’t meet your potential client’s standards, they quickly search elsewhere. O’Neil says, “It isn’t just about having a beautiful site, it’s about creating a virtual sales person talking to millions of people 24 hours a day. It has to work for you, too.”

Paula Hornbeck needed a marketing plan that told her story, her vision and her passion for helping people choose eyewear that reflects their sense of style and originality. “The team at eightseconds have been awesome to work with. From the first conversation, I felt that they understood me and the concept of my business. They "got" me. And from that point on, their suggestions and ideas have created the kind of energy and excitement I was looking for in my website,” states Paula Hornbeck.

About the agency: The name eightseconds was inspired by research of online behavior. It has been determined that website has eight seconds to capture a visitor or they click off. The firm’s philosophy is to use up to date research, a sociological understanding of the market and the psychological make up of a specific set of customers to deliver elegant, highly targeted solutions.For more information visit www.eight-seconds.com. You can visit the three-time award winning site in our portfolio.

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