Social Media Marketing

Building more awareness, participation, and word of mouth marketing for your company

Social Media has become more than just a way to stay in touch with friends — it's a major shift to a more personalized Internet. And it's a new more accessible marketing frontier for business. Instead of traditional Internet "advertising", social media is more about connecting you with people who already have a need or affinity for a product or service like yours, nurturing your customer base to create more business opportunities, and more word of mouth marketing.

Social Media isn't just for big brands either; eightseconds has produced dramatic results for small local retailers, B2B manufacturers and others. These are results our customers hadn't seen from any marketing tactics they've dabbled with before.

Whether it's brand and marketplace awareness or driving purchase intent — we've created measureable results. We've also found that combining Social Media with traditional media boosts ROI significantly. The services below outline some ways you might get started.

Social Media Strategy

Discovering your audience is the most important part of marketing. It may seem like an easy first step and with the advent of research via the internet, one might think it's an easy do-it-yourself project. But sorting through statistics is overwhelming and if you get the wrong information you could end up investing your entire marketing budget going down a path it can be hard to recover from.

For example, one client told us in our first meeting that Twitter was his focus of choice because 55% of his customers were on Twitter, and with a limited budget he wanted to leave out Facebook for the time being. He even has put together some online research he had used. He had that statistic alright. But it was "Marketers" that were tweeting at a rate of 55%. In reality, 17% of his target audience tweeted and 67% were on Facebook.

Determining your audience, then your business strategy, where your growth opportunities, your competitive landscape, your specific market during the time you are marketing, will all effect the scope of your strategy. Strategies change to keep up with the fluctuations of your business. As you grow your audience, implement tools, etc., we gather data, then fine tune and adjust your strategy to optimize your revenue potential. We gather data for a reason, after all.

Whether your strategy focuses mostly on one specific area of social media vs another (maybe you need two), and is supported by specific channels of traditional and/or new media is determined by your strategy.

All our plans our customized based on your needs, your budget, your existing marketing assets and your overall business strategy. It all begins with research to identify the best opportunities for success and the right action plan.

Social Media Marketing

social media

Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn? The Social Marketing that will be most effective depends on your audience and your strategy. Whether you're reaching out to consumers or a B2B, you're audiences are on social media. They are just using social media very differently. We may mine groups on LinkedIn for one client and dive deep on Facebook for another. We also determine whether Blogs, Twitter, Podcasting and YouTube should be part of your playbook. Then are the social marketing niches like Digg, Reddit, to consider.

Some of our social media marketing solutions include:

  • Branding and presence development or enhancement of your existing presence
  • Marketing; member offers, loyalty programs, sweepstakes, marketing campaigns, events
  • Facebook commerce (Yep- there's an app for that!)
  • Content: ongoing content creation and support including writing, photography, etc.
  • Promotion: building fan/follower base, networking, advertising

Integrated Marketing

The effect of leveraging multiple marketing tactics together (like Facebook marketing plus a radio campaign) can have a dramatic multiplying effect on the success of the campaigns we produce for clients. We boosted one clients marketing ROI to a whopping 1700%! Read the case study.

eightseconds has roots in both traditional marketing; radio, billboards, direct mail and media buying, as well as Interactive marketing. No matter what your challenge we can help bring the right elements to bear to create some dramatic success for your company. Let's get together and talk about the opportunities for you.

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